Second time lucky! The next artist to join us for an hour or so on Friday (19th February) truly is an unmatched force of innovation in British folk. A multi-faceted performer, HANNAH JAMES’ virtuosic talent spans all her four disciplines: clog dancer, singer, composer and accordionist.

She has amassed an international touring career, multiple award nominations, and credits in some of Britain’s most respected folk projects, including LADY MAISERY and SONGS OF SEPARATION. Hannah began life as a clog dancer, learning from her mother and is now acknowledged as a standard bearer and champion of this traditional dance form. Rhythm and percussion and a sense of playfulness are at the heart of everything she creates.

Also a seasoned collaborator, Hannah has worked with musicians from around Europe, Canada and India, picking up skills and ideas and making many important connections. She presents an impressive and diverse portfolio of shows which can suit a range of venues and settings and allow her to express her many layers of talent and vision, including an Ensemble, Duo and Solo shows.

In October 2019, she released the album, The Woman & Her Words with The JigDoll Ensemble. Recorded with with support from the Budapest Music Centre, it clearly establishes Hannah as a composer and performer of note.

The focus of our "an hour or so with..." events is very much on chat, although each guest will play a few live songs too. You are invited to ask questions in the comments, so it is very interactive... the more people watch and engage, the better it will be for everyone. The events are free, although there is a PayPal donations box, with 100 per cent of the donations (after PayPal charges) going direct to the guest. You can donate at There's also a link and a QR code at the bottom of this page

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