We are extremely excited to announce our plans for an online offering moving forward, as the world opens up a little bit.

We’re very aware, and utterly thrilled, to see that we’ve attracted followers from a much wider area than our little corner of Bristol over the last year, through our online “an hour or so with…” sessions, which have taken place on our Facebook page every Friday evening in each of the lockdowns (we had a little break for two in-venue gigs in September and October). We absolutely want to make sure we keep in touch with our new online friends over the coming months and years, but feel quite strongly that we don’t want to stream entire gigs from our venue (as those that can need to go back to their own local venue when they’re able to!).

So… here’s the plan: "AN HOUR OR SO WITH..." WILL CONTINUE!!! It will be on a monthly basis, and it will be slightly different, but it's staying for the foreseeable future! HOORAY!!!

Thank goodness Ant found his beard-trimmer since this "first-lockdown" photo...

At each of our concerts, which take place on the third Friday of every month apart from August, we’ll be filming a handful of the songs or tunes from the evening. We’ll also be sitting down with the headline artist for a bit of a chat and a Q&A. You’ll still be able to ask your own questions, but they’ll need to be sent in advance.

This selection of chat and songs will then be quickly edited together, and will appear on our FACEBOOK page and YOUTUBE channel (simultaneously) at 8.00pm on the Sunday following the gig. Make sure you've liked/followed/subscribed! We’ll still be there in the comments to hang out with you all and have a bit of a chat. The artist will also be in the comments where their commitments allow.

As always, these events will be free to attend with an online tip-jar. These donations will be treated as extra ticket money and will be split with the artist on that basis (which, for the avoidance of doubt, is very much in the favour of the artist, but not quite 100% as it was during lockdowns). The sessions will be available to view for a couple of weeks after the event in case you’re not able to make it on the Sunday.

So, we’ll be spending “an hour or so with...”: SAM SWEENEY on Sunday 23rd May; ELLIE GOWERS on Sunday 20th June; and LUKE JACKSON on Sunday 18th July. We do hope that you’ll join us and help to carry on this lovely new little community that we’ve formed. We'll be announcing our Autumn/Winter programme over the coming few weeks.

And for those a little closer to home, don’t forget that those three concerts are happening on the Friday beforehand. Sam's concert has already sold out, but there are a few left for Ellie (and her band) and Luke. See further down for more details.