Our next event is a special one-off fundraiser for Dorothy House Hospice Care.

Pecussionist JO MAY will be joining us on Friday 6th February to run two spoons-playing workshops. Jo is in the area as part of her "SPOON FOR DOTTY" tour, which sees her visit a different place every day during February in a bid to raise much-needed funding for the hospice, which is near Bath.

Jo is an experienced percussion teacher and workshop leader. She has spent many years working as a peripatetic music teacher in schools; running African Drumming Workshops; and previously running a range of exciting rhythm-based workshops with her group, Tapatak. Jo currently runs Spoons Workshops for all ages, in schools, and for parties, festivals and other events. She teaches a variety of techniques and rhythms on an assortment of spoons, often accompanied by fiddler, Linda Game, or guitarist, Matt Sullivan. She recently played percussion on Ange Hardy's award-winning album, "The Lament of the Black Sheep". You can find out more about Jo by visiting her website here.

The first of the two workshops will be held at Baguette Me Not, in Downend, between 2.00pm-3.30pm, while the second will be at the Winter Stream Farm pub, near Hambrook, between 5.30pm-7.00pm. Admission to both events is free, with donations taken... please give as much or as little as you like. You can find out more about the crucial work of Dorothy House on their website here.

We are extremely grateful to both venues for hosting these workshops for free... do buy a cup of coffee from Baguette Me Not or a pint at the Winter Stream Farm (they have GWB beer!) while you're there.